Are you ready for a little bit of sports instead of another drinking activity?

We have prepared three different kinds of sports for you. First and very classic, football. For all of you who arrived a few weeks ago and are craving to kick the ball again. Take the chance to meet your future football buddies today.

Secondly, you get the opportunity to try out roundnet also commonly known as spikeball (a relatively new sport). It´s a really fun game which is played 2vs2 using a small trampoline-like net and perfect for you and your new friends to just casually play it at parks in the future.

And lastly kubb which is a very relaxed game where the goal is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons. Football is too exhausting or you prefer to be able to socialize more? Since kubb is a relaxed sport it naturally gives you the chance to chat with your teammates and also your opponents.

We recommend to wear sports clothes and bring enough water to drink.
Check the weather report to make sure to wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather.

We are looking forward to seeing you and having a fun afternoon!

06/04/2023 - 15:00